Saturday, March 22, 2014

Because Technology Still Hates Me...

Here are days 7 and 8. My internet went down yesterday afternoon. Despite two calls to Cox cable and the purchasing of a brand new modem at Best Buy, here I sit on Saturday morning. And by here I mean the library. But I'm committed to my cause. Whatever the hell that is. Day 7 Day 8 P.S. I used Youtube because ain't nobody got time for waiting on Vimeo when you're borrowing the internet.


  1. Hello

    The video is not visible here .... I can not see anything just it's a black box... I do not know what is the problem.... Same with me I am far from technology , if I have a small problem with my phone or internet ... OMG ... it's hard for me to fix anything.

  2. Hi again

    After trying different tips , I checked your video ....
    Seems you had fun...
    Great to know

  3. Thank you Anna! I had quite a bit of trouble lol.