Saturday, October 18, 2014

I Didn't Win but Dammit I'm a Winner!

This can be my official re-entry into blogging post. So I guess something good came out of this.

Back in March I started my 90 day video a day project. Which I then cut to 60 days. And barely made it to that!

Recently, I entered a video contest called the Pocket Film Festival. The idea was to shoot film only on your phone, tablet, or entry level point and shoot camera. I submitted two entries.

Shockingly (to myself, 'cause I'm like Scorsese in my head) I won nothing. Didn't even place.

You know how on tv there is a group of kids trying out for a play, cheerleading, or some other random activity requiring an enthusiastic hopeful to get their dreams dashed?

Well this was mine.

AND... these folks din't even send a tweet like " Hey we picked some winners. And you ain't one of them." I just happened to check their website to see the list of winners. One person won FOUR TIMES.

What the fuck?

So now there is only one thing left to do... Create MORE shitty videos in the hopes that I get better!

Hahaha most people would give up by now. Not my ass.

In other news, I entered some text to win contest while watching Mike and Molly. Shout out to MyLVTV.  The next week I got a text letting me know I had won a $25 gift card to Panda Express. No skill or talent required.

Silver lining? I think so.